Neem Soap with Karanja Oil 4.2 oz.


Levine Health Products’ Neem Soap is handcrafted in Washington State using premium quality unrefined ingredients from Mother Nature and blending them into a product that is guaranteed to please you.  Use this gentle soap to gain and maintain healthier skin.  Lather up with Neem Soap before gardening, fishing, hiking or boating to help ward off pesky insects. Neem soap is vegan, gluten free and has no added fragrances or preservatives.




According to Indian mythology the neem tree originated from drops of nectar from heaven.  In India, neem leaf wreaths are placed on doors and neem trees are planted near homes to ward off insects and bugs.  Neem oil is recognized as a non-toxic insect repellant.   It contains more than 25 active compounds that combat insects.


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